Fiji Shark Studies

Funyaking and Walking through waterfalls! An epic and beautiful final day!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Hey everyone! So today was a pretty radical day, our final full day on program and we definitely ended on a high! We awoke bright and early to find our ride, a huge safari tank bus waiting to take us on our "Fun-yaking" experience! This tank drove us off road through beautiful landscapes and we admired the scenic views as it took us deeper into rain forest and further inland remote villages! We reached the village where our Kayaking would begin, we hopped out of the bus, scoffed down some banana bread which our guide Toby offered to us on arrival and eagerly put on our life jackets, helmets and selected our paddles!
After a safety briefing for a lot of first-time kayakers! We eagerly found our inflatable kayaks for the day and set off! Our guides, Toby, Ben and Noah were brilliant and showed us the way along the river! Whilst it was calm in parts, the water was rushing and there was strong currents which gave us a little bit of a white water rapid-esque thrill apart from it being only a level 1 activity to pretty perfect for beginners! The kayaking was great and we all had a blast... but then!
We got out of our kayaks and hiked up some muddy and steep terrain - which was super fun! It took us even further into the forest, to come across an absolutely beautiful waterfall, cascading down! The sheer power of the water was so strong and forceful as we discovered as we walked head first into, to stand behind the water! Then some of us had to physically crawl out (with the help of our guide!) - again very strong and powerful waterfall but it was a bucket list experience and one of the most memorable moments of this trip - although there are tons!!
After we had finished our hike, kayaked some more, eaten a riverside picnic, it was time top hop into three wooden motor boats, which took us on a slightly faster and even more fun scenic view of the mountains, hills, waterfalls and some wildlife and villages alongside the river. The views were spectacular and it was the perfect way to end the trip, appreciating exactly where we were and reflecting upon an incredible, life-changing three weeks!
We went back to our new favorite eatery in Pacific Harbor and loved the food (, we had a great night chatting and talking about our highlights from the trip! When we got home, we had a Broadreach style closing ceremony in which we all had to pick an item from the house that represented a person from the trip - this proved to be quite hilarious as some people were able to pick perfect items to sum up a team mate, it was fun to hear the reasons why and to acknowledge everyone's unique contribution to this experience and our memories! After our ceremony, we then had our final pool party! We each had glow sticks, there was music, dancing, splashing, underwater photography featuring glow sticks and even some dancing! It was a great night to remember and once we were all out of energy, we crashed out together to watch a final movie. All in all, an epic day!

Nicole and Charley!
Leaders of the Day!