Fiji Shark Studies

Departure Day! Farewell Fiji!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hi, Laura and Mugdha here and we are writing for the final day / departure day of program!

Today we, obviously, had a little lie in, with a big journey ahead of us and a long action-packed day yesterday! So today started with pancakes and nutella and bananas because any great day should! There was a lot on the agenda today, whether it be packing, cleaning up the house, catching up on logging dives or writing our "airport cards" - everyone was frantically working on something!! We still had time to make a visit to the Arts Village for one last sulu or bucket hat (for Ryan) purchase or two, or the Bushells breakfast tea and cookies you have grown addicted to whilst in Fiji (Alex and Mia!) and need to stock up before leaving the country!
We had lunch delivered to the villa one last time by Nani and scoffed this down whilst, again, more packing, cleaning and moving furniture! It was busy in a different way, we had a lot to finish and tidy for the end of the program. Once all of that was taken care of and the group were enjoying hanging out, whether it be Maggie reading the collection of funny quotes that the group have documented during the trip making Ryan, Mia, Cedar, Nicole and Charley and Ivy all laugh! Or Phillip, Morgan and Alex watching their go pro footage and sharing videos, the entire group came together and reflected on what an awesome experience this has been for everyone, instructors included.
Before we knew it, we were taking group pictures outside and swiftly packed up and hopping in the van to take us to the airport. We wrote more airplane cards on the bus, a stop in Sigatoka for snacks and final souvenirs!! And we were suddenly in Nadi airport exchanging hugs and saying our tearful but happy goodbyes.

Our students are what makes our experience, completely unforgettable, fun, high energy, challenging at times and just so darn wonderful the rest of the time. We have completely grown to love them all and It appeared that everyone felt this trip has been so special, a truly unique experience of open individuals determined to have as much fun as possible on program.

So, Nicole, Charley, Phillip, Mia, Ivy, Cedar, Morgan, Ryan, Alex and Maggie - we hope you have safe flights and we are going to miss you! Thank you for sharing this experience with us - Thank you to Ivy for teaching us how to dance to Isa Lei Lia! Cedar for teaching us magic tricks and teaching US about sharks (he is a shark expert!) Morgan for inspiring each and everyone of us with his ambition and dedication to document his journey and passion for protecting sharks! Thank you to Charley for being a sweetheart and a go getter - always smiling with a positive attitude! Nicole for being an absolute goofball with a big personality for always making us laugh! Ryan for his passion for bucket hat fashion and equally important commitment to the ocean and potentially future engineering! Alex for always wearing her cape and bringing maple syrup all the way to Fiji, with her quirky sense of humour! Mia for being a sweet, polite and generally lovely person and friend to everybody! Phillip for his witty humour and for his kindness and for always keeping his cool. Maggie - for basically starting Sharkapella and singing pretty much non-stop for the entire duration of the trip and for her delicious cooking and highly rated "chicken nuggies". We love you guys and we will miss you heaps!

(Thank you to family and friends reading our posts.

Vinaka! Thank you and goodbye to beautiful Fiji and every precious moment it has given us!

Laura and Mugdha
Final Leaders of the Day!