Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Bienvenida a Costa Rica!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

After 2 days scouting, Ashley and I were stoked (kiwi slang for super duper excited)to finally meet all the amazing students joining us for our Costa Rica veterinary adventures! Everyone arrived at the airport with enthusiasm and a great attitude; every one of them now experienced international travelers! While waiting for flights to arrive we spent a fun day playing lots of fun games - Ninja, Red Ball, & Zip Zap Zop being some of the favorites. Finally together as a whole team we made our way to our first hotel. It was amazing to see all the students hanging out together and getting to know one another- a diverse group brought together by a common love of animals and travel. Dinner at our traditional Costa Rican Tex Mex diner nearby was much anticipated and enjoyed after our long day! Tomorrow we are headed off for our first group adventure- ziplining! Stay posted for some awesome stories. . . Pura Vida y Hasta Luego!

Stay tuned- pictures of the group coming tomorrow!

Jess & Ashley