Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Waterfalls, Rain-showers, and Zip-lines Oh My!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Today was a day of transition and discovery as our group moved from the city up into the hills to start two days of adventure activities. The winding drive took us past coffee plantations, dramatic green vistas, and an amazing waterfall before ending at our tent homes for the next two days. The tents allow everyone to be up close and personal with this amazing rainforest, with new birdcalls, cicadas, and frogs creating an auditory background to the lush plant biodiversity.

We then geared up for our first group adventure- zipplining through the forest canopy! With a total of 9 lines we got to personify the spanish word of the day- volver! (to fly!). Between lines we had fun chatting with our guides and practicing some spanish including some new words like lista (ready!). The last line over the river was a favorite for everyone with fantastic views and plenty of speed. The afternoon included lots of group talks and activities, and everyone was excited to have an introduction to the veterinary aspects of the trip which includes an exciting variety of topics and activities. Community spirit is running high and we are excited to continue making memories on tomorrows adventure- white water rafting!
From the land of huge leaves, fresh pineapple, and Pura Vida living,
-Jess and Ashley