Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Makin' Waves!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain dripping on our tent roofs, and birds chirping in the forest surrounding us. The tents we spent the night in really submerged us into the beautiful nature of Costa Rica. We continued our contact with nature at breakfast, where we could see lush plants and trees in every corner. Our breakfast was a typical Costa Rican cuisine consisting of fresh fruit, beans, rice, and eggs. After breakfast was finished, we hopped into a van to go do some white water rafting.

The rafting instructors equipped us with helmets and life-jackets, and gave us a quick run-down on the safety precautions. Everyone was ready to conquer the waves! The instructors kept the rafting fun for us; he pointed out interesting birds along the way, and taught us how to spin the boat around. Along the river, we also reached a small cliff where some girls were able to jump off of into the river.

When we returned from our river journey, we split up into two groups to play some card games or walk around in the forest area. We were lucky enough to spot a monkey climbing through the trees, enjoying some fruit! We finished off the afternoon with our first academic lesson, in which we learned some basic veterinary vocabulary.

Pura vida, Kiki