Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

"Monkeying Around" at the Wildlife Center

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Hola and hello to the folks back at home! My name is Hannah and for day 4, I was honored to be the leader of the day. We had our last night in the tents and then shifted from Jungle to Population! Today was our first day in an animal rescue and we got to learn about the behaviors of various types of monkeys, birds, etc. while also practicing our spanish vocabulary. Our spanish word of the day was “granja” meaning farm. We got to also see how These animals acted in the wild VS how they act after being rescued. A huge highlight of mine as well as most of the girl’s day was cutting up all of the fresh fruits and veggies and making plentiful meals for each of the animals. This consisted of making “presents”, fruit necklaces, and kabobs for the monkeys. Not only did just pour the food into the enclosures but we actually hand-fed the spider monkeys! There’s just something about giving a monkey a piece of pineapple that makes you giggle:) Their tiny hands stealing a little piece of fruit and then swinging away with it is so entertaining. After finishing up, we decided it would be a great time to head over and see what a Costa Rican supermarket was like, so we took a ride to one to get some muck boots. It wasn’t like your average stop n shop there were clothes there too. With the on and off rain in the day, we were all pretty wet and as we arrived back from a nice walk to the hotel from the supermarket, we decided to take a small break and shower and freshen up. Shortly before dinner time, we began the first part of our two lessons for the night and later on after dinner, we finished off our lesson on learning about examination history and how to record vitals. To solidify what we had just learned we did a fun little activity where we made up a scenario in a vet where our patient was having a problem and we recorded all of the vitals and made a plan as to how we would solve the situation. After a long day of interaction, tomorrow we will be having an amazing time at the farms, further working in a farm animal typed scenery and practicing our newly learned skills. Check back tomorrow to see all the fun things that are next. Hasta Luego!