Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

A Dairy-ing Adventure

Monday, July 1, 2019

Hola! My name is Jess and I was the leader of the day today, on Day 5. Today we had our first real experience working with and helping animals. Not only did we get a tour of the place, but we also got to spend the day working with the animals. We were able to help weigh and milk the cows, as well as giving them milk and medication.

My favorite part of today was working with all different kinds of animals and doing different jobs, but it was also really cool to be able to experience how things are run in Costa Rica compared to other past experiences I have had.

In addition to working with cows, we also got to see and work with a ton of other animals on the farm including chickens, sheep, and goats. Some of the highlights of this experience include holding baby animals. We also learned how to tell if a goat is anemic, and even got to give the goats injections. This was really cool and something none of us have ever been able to do before.

On the farm, we also got to learn about the dairy farming industry and the different aspects of doing everything by hand, compared to a more productive and efficient method, such as milking the cows. We also were able to see how the cow manure was turned into compost through different rooms and stages and how it was incorporated into the farm.

Going along with the work on the farm, our lesson today was about Cattle Systems Management. We learned about dairy farms, pastures, and feedlots, as well as the correct vocabulary for different things relating to cattle, including the difference between a “cow” and a “heifer” or a “bull” and a “steer”.

Check back tomorrow to see all of the fun things we do at the beef farm and animal shelter!