Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

"Ju-lying" by the Pool

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pura Vida to everyone back home, and happy Fourth of July! My name is Ella and I got the opportunity to experience being the leader of the day today. Basically, I got to not only write you this trip update, but also help guide my fellow group members through the incredibly fun time we have had today! First thing I did as leader was wake up at around 6:30 in the morning to give a wake-up knock on everyone’s door, reminding them that breakfast was soon. After a filling meal, the lot of us packed up our belongings and hopped on the bus to our next location! Though some of us were sad to say goodbye to warm showers and air conditioning, we were not disappointed when we arrived to a breathtaking resort in La Fortuna, right near the amazing Arenal Volcano! We were welcomed right away after retrieving our room assignments, and we were given a quick rundown of our stay here for the next five days.

Immediately after, we had a little over an hour to take a swim in the pool we are super excited to have here. Though I personally decided to catch up on some work, the others had a great time playing, laughing, and taking pictures in the swimming pool under the sun. After the break, we were certainly surprised to switch up our general meal courses and have some different varieties of pizza instead! The pizza was very delicious, in case y’all were curious.

Lunch ended with about an hour of break time to hang out at our cabins with our new roomies, which now consists of four people in one room rather than two. Since we have a journaling assignment in the works, most of us spent our free time researching what we needed to complete for our essay before it was time for a new activity. Soon enough, we participated in a lesson. Today we got to learn about the basics of Equine Biology, which is all about horses! Within the upcoming days, we will be working with horses whether it be riding them or examining them, so right after our lesson, we had one of the owners here address us about what to expect and what we will be doing. I found it very informative and interesting, and I’m super stoked to work with the animals!

Before we were given dinner, I had the chance as leader of the day to ask my fellow team members what they were interested in doing, so some of us took a hike! There are multiple trails around our resort, and though we got a little lost, we had such a fun time exploring the wildlife around us and just being together. Dinner ended up being not only really good, but also full of laughter and games. We had so much fun that, we had to bring our noise level down multiple times! It was super funny and definitely the best dinner we’ve had yet.

To end the day, I led everyone in a few of our nightly activities outside and we all said goodnight. I really enjoyed today a lot, and I can’t wait to see what the next days have in store for us! Make sure y’all continue to follow our daily updates and stay posted on our incredible veterinary trip in Costa Rica! Buenas noches!

- Ella