Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Midterm time!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

It's that time in the course . . . Midterms! Over the past 10 days, Ava, Jemma, Kiki, Ella, Emma, Tess, Josie, Jess, Taylor, Hannah, Mackenzie, and Lindsey have been learning so much about veterinary medicine - from physical assessments to blood smears and even rectal palpations! Tonight, we take a break from our regularly scheduled trip updates as they study hard for their exams! I would say wish them luck, although I don't think they need it as they all aced their review session tonight!

Tomorrow - stay tuned to hear about horse treks, waterfalls, and x-rays as Jemma, our Leader of the Day shares about their "hay-larious" horse adventures!

Hasta Mañana y Pura Vida!

Ashley & Jess