Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

A Jaw Dropping Adventure!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Hola to our friends back home! My name is Lindsey and I had the honor of serving as leader of the day for our action packed adventures! As leader of the day, I was given the opportunity to guide my peers and help make our day run smoothly. I had a wonderful time with this experience!

As I mentioned, our day was full of action! We started off our day at breakfast where we had some delicious pancakes. Breakfast at our resort is always a treat, as we are served something new and yummy each day. Following breakfast, the group took a bit of free time. During this time we swam, played cards, and all around had a good time. After free time, it was time for the adventure to start!

Today, we had the awesome opportunity to go canyoneering. This was a new opportunity for almost everyone on the trip. Overall, we repelled down four waterfalls and participated in ‘the monkey drop,’ which was a large free fall into a pool of water. All four repels brought something new to the table. The first repel was 160 feet down a beautiful waterfall. From there, the drops became shorter but just as magnificent. Canyoneering was definitely a burst of adrenaline for all involved!

After this daring activity, the group was able to relax in possibly the best way the hot springs! The hot springs were fueled by the large volcano in the La Fortuna area of Costa Rica. There were many different pools at the springs, all of which had a different range of temperature. The group relaxed and experienced all of the amazing pools the hot springs had to offer. After a long and daring day, there could have been no better place to hang low.

Finally, we returned to our hotel for a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken or veggie burgers and did our nightly routines. All in all, our day was full of new adventures. I believe every person had the opportunity to grow today as we experienced new things. Tomorrow we have a long trip to the beach, so for now, goodnight to our friends at home...buenas noches!

Pura Vida,