Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Road Trip to the Beach!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hi everyone! This is Josie reporting more leader of the day! Today was an exciting opportunity to soak up some rays at the beach and shop for souvenirs. We have arrived in Manuel Antonio (we came from La Fortuna). Leader of the day was a little hard but it went well!

First we headed out on a five hour bus ride, almost everyone was asleep or listening to some good tunes. We stopped at a tourist attraction called Crocodile Bridge, which deserves the name, and had lunch. There were crocodiles everywhere beneath the bridge! We got on the road again and arrived at our new hotel.

The beach was our next destination of the day. We went out into the warm water and hopped over waves (a few of us kept going under). Attempting body surfing was a blast too. We saw a lot of pink shells on the beach and took them with us. Some very tiny crabs scuttled away from us throughout the beach trip. After about thirty minutes of sitting in the water we went souvenir shopping down the road. We spotted some squirrel monkeys running on the monkey cables above us and looked around at the booths. There were a lot of hand crafted wooden and clay items in the shops and all kinds of wildlife milling about.

After souvenir shopping, we sat down on the beach to have a lesson on One Health in the glow of the sunset. Dinner for the night was salad and personal pizzas, some of which were saved in our fridges for snacks in the morning. There were a few geckos and assorted bugs in the hotels but nothing too scary for us, the rooms are nice too with comfy beds to boot. Goodnight my dudes, and be safe too.

Pura vida,