Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Hangin' with the Sloths

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hi everyone. My name is Makenzie and I am the leader of the day today. Being leader of the day was an honor. As the leader of the day i had a lot of responsibilities. But even with a lot of responsibilities it was still pretty fun to be leader of the day.

Going onto day 14 we started our first day working at a wildlife center in Manuel Antonio. When we arrived at the wildlife center we had a wonderful breakfast from the usual rice and beans to excellent banana pancakes. After breakfast we split up into two groups for a tour of the wildlife center where we will be working at for the next couple of days.

For the tour our two groups walked around the wildlife center while our guides told us about the animals that were there that couldn’t get released back into the wild. It was cool to hear the animals stories and how they got to the wildlife center. On the tour we saw a variety of birds from parrots, hawks, toucans, and the scarlet macaw. Other than birds we saw monkeys, marmosets, sloths and more. But the coolest part of the tour was seeing a two toed sloth up close. After the tour we got a lecture about animal behavior and ate lunch. Once lunch was over we all got into partners and chose an animal to observe it’s behavior there. We looked at the behavior of our animal before and after giving them cool food enrichments that we all made for our animals.Once we finished up for the day there. we went back to the hotel to rest before a lesson and dinner.

To finish our day we headed to the beach after dinner to do our glums and glows. It was nice to hear the waves coming up on to the beach behind us. Overall this day has been every exciting and we can’t wait for the exciting things yet to come.

Pura vida