Costa Rica Veterinary Experience — Friday, July 12, 2019

Skwyrrel Time

What’s poppin’ y’all. Hannah and Ella here swingin’ in to say hello. Today was pretty sunny side up! We hopped a bus to the wildlife rescue center and munched on some banana pancakes. Then we made like bananas and split off into groups; one group performed a physical exam on a titi (squirrel) monkey and a macaw. The other group that we were in gave some cute lil sloths a room makeover ;). We chopped down some phat banana leaves and placed them around the cages. Afterwards, we had some down time for swimming and chillaxing by the pool. Lunch came next and we had many delicious options. We also purchased some souvenirs for you folks back home <3. Before we jumped into that next activity, we took a quick peek at the nursery where the lil baby sloths are sleepin’. It was really cool to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing sloths being taken care of as they are raised and prepared to go back into the wild. After the short pitstop, the groups switched roles and this time we snatched up two cute marmosets and gave them their exams. We took vitals and watched the vet techs draw blood to be measured. This would later be used to do a haematrocrit, which separates the red blood cells from the white blood cells, and is measured by percentage to make sure they aren’t dehydrated or anemic.Though we were not able to touch it’s fuzzy lil head, we did get to save one from behind the refrigerator when it zoomed out the cage. Don’t worry, the lil homie’s safe now :). Sadly, we had to wrap up and say our goodbyes after an incredible few days in the rescue clinic. The ride home was filled with throwback karaoke time and lots of chuckles. When we reached the hotel, we had some swim time in the waves before dinner. After we ate, we walked back to the hotel for glums and glows and wrapped our night up as leaders of the day. Catch y’all on the flip side ;)