Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Surfs Up

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Hey families! As we begin to enter our second rotation being leader of the day, we (Jemma and Ava) have decided to take on the role together. We really looked forward to this chance to collaborate and take on this leadership position together!

Students started the day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s eatery. After, we put our swimsuits and hit the beach to do some surfing. It started with a tutorial on the shore learning the specific way to stand on your board and other posture techniques. Next up, we got to try it for ourselves and headed out into the waves with our personal instructor! Though many of us took a few splashes on a first few attempts, we all enjoyed the new experience.

After cooling off with some iced tea, a watermelon slice and some time to rinse off in the shower, all students got to enjoy a lunch of some tasty pizza or a salad of their choice. Students then resumed their studies with a laid back discussion on what the expectations will be of a veterinary medicine student. This included components that are beneficial to have on your college application, the workload you can expect as a veterinary student, the financial aspect of a college education and the salary you can expect after schooling.

This lesson concluded our stay at this hotel and students prepared to board the bus for a ride to San Pedro, our next location! Along the way we took a quick rest stop that allowed us some time to stretch our legs, use the bathroom or purchase some snacks before we finished up the bus ride.

After quite a few hours, we arrived at the hotel and dropped off our luggage before taking a stroll to a nice Mediterranean restaurant only a block away.

The night was concluded with some glums and glows, where students got to share both the highlights and maybe a downside to their day, as well as a brief nightly meeting. We look forward to savoring these last few days together, as we all begin our hands on clinical work in San Pedro.