Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

A “Suture” Good Time!

Monday, July 15, 2019

What’s up everyone, this is Kiki and Emma! We started the day off with some nutritious breakfast before piling in the van to head for another day at the clinic. Today was the first day of spaying and neutering surgeries. Groups of three took turns joining the veterinarians in tying those tubbies. Each person had a different role in the process, switching between: floating assistant, shadowing surgery, and monitoring anesthesia. Each role had an important part in ensuring that the procedure ran safely and successfully.

To begin the surgery, each group conducted a physical exam on either a cat or dog. The group member monitoring anesthesia placed a catheter in their patient to begin the sedation process and prepare them for surgery. Then, the floater helped maintain sterile conditions as the veterinarians prepared the surgery room. After that, the member shadowing surgery watched the veterinarian as he began incisions, helping with tools and asking questions to help us understand. By tomorrow, each person will have completed all three of these roles.

After a delicious subway lunch, yet again, we continued with the surgeries and studying for tomorrow’s final exam (please take a moment for us during this difficult time, thanks XD). When we returned to the hotel, we played a game of review jeopardy to help prepare for the final exam. To finish up the night, we ate some delicious tacos, studied, and finished our final journal assignment. See you folks in a couple of days!

Catch you on the flippity dippity,

Kiki and Emma