Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Surgery & Skating!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hola everyone! Today was a long day for the broadreach student team. Today we continued our surgeries on the animals at the vet clinic we were at yesterday. We continued in groups of three with three roles, “floater”/observer, surgeon’s assistant, and anestesia monitor. First, the group performed a physical exam on their patients. After deciding that they were fit for surgery, the animal was sedated and the surgical site was shaved. The anestisia monitor placed a catheter in the animal’s vein to introduce sedatives. The vet then placed an ET tube, a tube that goes down the animals trachea to provide oxygen and gas anestethic. The animal is then cleaned and a sterile drape is placed over the surgery site. The anestisia monitor begins taking vitals every five minutes, while the surgeon’s assistant scrubs in and puts on sterile gloves. Today there were several cat and dog spays and neuters. However, the most interesting surgery was a dog that had two tumors that needed removal. The whole group watched this operation together. After the excitement of watching the surgery, it was time to study for our final exam.

After the group completed the final, we all had a delicious pizza dinner and headed out for a final fun activity, Rollerskating! The group had a lot of fun roller skating at the local rink, even if most of us skinned an elbow or two (don’t worry - we’re all fine!) To wrap up the night after rollerblading, we reconvined in the hotel for our nightly “glums and glows”, where every person tells the highs and lows of their day. We all seemed to agree that our “glum” was that today was our last day working with animals, and we were going to miss working with them and with each other. See you all soon, Pura vida!