Costa Rica Veterinary Experience

Trip Glows!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What an adventure it’s been these past 3 weeks - traversing across Costa Rica, making new friends, meeting different animals, and having unforgettable experiences! Today, after returning back to Alajuela where we started this awesome journey, we spent the day exploring the city and concluding the trip with our Broadreach closing ceremonies. The day consisted of ice cream, a photo scavenger hunt themed around our very own “Broadreach dance”, reinactments of our best memories from the trip, and our overall trip glows/highlights.

Here are our top glows!

“My glow for the overall trip was going rappelling down a 160 ft waterfall.”

“My glow was assisting in surgery the last few days on some super sweet animals and confirming I want to be a vet.”

“My overall glow was being able to learn abouot local animal conservation efforts and how they impact ecosystems of Costa Rica with great new friends.”

“Looking out across the Costa Rican countryside while horse treking to a hidden waterfall with some awesome people.”

“My glow of this whole trip is meeting all these amazing people and laughing with them until my throat hurt. I also really enjoyed all the vet experience and knowledge I’ve never had before.”

“Whizzing down the zipline on day 2, floating in the ocean below the sunset at Manuel Antonio, and getting to meet all the awesome new people”

“My glow for this trip is getting to work with animals that I could not work with at home, realizing that working with animals is what I love and want to do as a career and making friends that I never would have met without this trip.”

“Laughing with my new friends until I couldn’t breathe and spending time with these awesome people while learning more about animals.”

“My glow for the whole trip is not one specific event/moment - it’s making new friends and getting to learn and help out with animals I’ve never gotten to work with before.”

“My glow of this whole trip was getting to spend time with so many funny and kind girls and getting to be able to learn vet stuff which we all shared a common interest in.”

“My glow was meeting so many great people who I got to have incredible hands on experiences with. I loved collaborating and hanging out with them.”

My glow was trying to demonstrate vines to Ashley and watching how confused she was.”
“My glow was making new friends here and working on the spay and neuter surgeries.”

“My glow for the whole trip was getting to work with so many different and amazing animals in so many different ways and getting to meet so many great new people.”
From the instructors: we’re very grateful for this oppportunity to get to know Tess, Emma, Josie, Ella, Jemma, Ava, Jess, Kiki, Taylor, Hannah, Lindsey, and Makenzie! It’s been a trip full of growth, learning, and always a lot of laughs! We hope this trip has challenged and inspired you all in your next steps in school, career, and life! We wish you the best in your different paths! Pura Vida!

Last but not least: Our Broadreach Dance! “Big fish, little fish, top shelf, bottom shelf, fry the eggs, flip the eggs (spin), 1. 2. 3., peck the bird, sin cebolla, pour the juice, R.I.P Cameron Boyce, take the midterm, canyeering, milk the cow, ka-men-zie, tou-can-ette!”

Ashley and Jess :-)