Christopher Newport Ecuador + Galápagos

The Great Descent

Sunday, May 23, 2021

We woke up to a rainy morning with a nice pancake breakfast with homemade hot chocolate. The group listened in on a brief geology lecture that included information on the volcanoes in both the Andes and the Galapagos. We also got to look at the frogs and lizard collected last night and Alexis explained a bit about them.
After breakfast, it was time to clean up the site and begin our trek back down the mountain. Along the way, we encountered steep and muddy hills, a revine with a waterfall, and lots of interesting flora. After a quick pit stop at Bajos, the checkpoint along the way, we began the last leg of the hike by crossing a river. Due to the heavy rains the previous night, the river was a flowin’.
After a 5.5 hour-long hike, we completed our journey in the Andes and were ready to begin our trip back to Quito for a covid test before traveling to the Galapagos...however, nature got in the way and as a plan B, we grabbed dinner at a Colombian restaurant and settled in for the night at an eco-lodge nearby. 

To all those in the states, with generous love, kindness, and compassion,

Patrick and Elliana (we’re so poetic) 

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