Christopher Newport Ecuador + Galápagos

Keeping the Galapagos Green!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Today began with a nice, refreshing wake up at the super late hour of 7:30 AM. With a breakfast of cheese bread and eggs (and much needed coffee for some), we boarded a bus and headed out to San Cristobal's only recycling plant. Run by only 11 people, the plant carries out most of the sorting and packaging of the islands recycled products, and we were amazed to hear that this one small plant shipped out about 8 tons of recycled material from this month just yesterday. As the Galapagos is a protected conservation reserve, what the recycling plant does is very critical to sustain the health of the environment.

Afterwards, we drove a short distance to a small farm that aims to restore and protect the environment. We were introduced to the resident herd of goats and hand fed them corn kernels. After the goats and a quick introduction to the area, we sat down for lunch – the most noteworthy item was the orange juice, everyone loved it. We hiked a short distance to a restoration site. Here, we planted saplings of multiple species on what currently is a grassy, barren hillside. The view from the top of the hill was stunning. On our way back, we were shown a Petrel burrow – Petrels are elusive seabirds and just seeing the burrow was quite a treat. We also got to walk through the herd of cows on the property... and their “cow pies”! We said our goodbyes to the lovely people we met (and their dogs Pirate and Simba) and left for the hotel. We took some time to change into some comfortable clothes before taking a stroll along the water. The whole group loves to watch the sea lions and birds. We had a dinner of rice, beans, and a choice of protein as well as stuffing ourselves with multiple empanadas. Our day ended with a desert of soft serve ice cream.

-Sabrina and Charlie

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