Bonaire: Scuba

Starting Off Strong!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

We woke super early (7am) and came down for Dutch cereal for breakfast. Then we had an orientation to the rules of the house. Our values were transcribed onto the Broadreach flag in sharpie. And then, we learned how to work together by playing a fun game to reach our goals. Next, we went for a refreshing swim in the beautiful, turquoise water. We love it here! After lunch, we got fitted with our gear and finally set off for our first dive. While diving, we saw eels, lots of reef fish, squid, pretty coral, shrimp, jellyfish and more. We also practiced our Advance Open Water and Naturalist skills! We all bonded so well and are had a lot of laughs with each other. It was awesome and we are so happy to be getting closer and getting to explore Boniare.
-- Emilie, Elle, Oscar, Bennett, Chloe, Avery