Bonaire: Scuba

Dives, Dives and More Dives

Monday, June 20, 2022

Started off our morning with an early dive right in our backyard. This was a great start to the day because we saw all sorts of creatures including eels, nudibraunks (they look like cool, colorful sea slugs!), lots of reef fish, and of course vibrant coral. We took lots of pictures and tested out an underwater camera and our gopros. As soon as we were out of the warm water, we headed off to our next dive site called Andrea 2 (named after you, mom! - Elle). There, we practiced navigation using a compass and our underwater photography skills. After that, we headed back for lunch and lounged in the sun. In the afternoon, we headed off for a tour of the island. We saw donkeys along the road side, pastel buildings that are a Bonaire staple, and of course flamingos EVERYWHERE!! We drove through the old capital of Rincon (just like the surf spot) and looped back to the new capital. We got time to explore, meet locals, and stop in shops. And we had THE. BEST. GELATO!! When we got home, we rested for a little before getting ready for our third dive -- and first night dive -- of the trip at the same home reef we dove in the morning. We saw huge tarpin fish that shone silver in the glow of our lights, shrimp, eels, and more. The reef came alive in a whole new way at night!

Elle and Avery