Bonaire: Scuba

Dance Parties and Dive Buddies :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Today was packed with many fun activities, games, and dancing! We woke up around 7:00am and had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and syrup prepared by Oscar and Avery. Chloe and Elle decided to get a head start on the day by going on a run around the resort. By the time they got back, everybody was wide awake and had finished breakfast. We played red light green light and had a dance battle. It was pretty difficult to decide who won, but I think Avery, Chloe and Elle had the best dance. Just kidding! The Padi Advanced open water divers started on their EFR training right away by completing bookwork and learning CPR on dummies. The open water divers, Penelope and Frances, began their coursework and went on their very first dive to review and learn skills. Finally, it was time for lunch. Then we continued with academics. Chloe and Avery acted out the scenarios as they were more experienced with the Rescue Diver coursework. Afterwards, the Advanced Divers went on a short trip to Bachelor Beach. Emilie and Bennett, along with Chloe, Avery and Oscar built a sandcastle in the shape of a turtle, but the ocean destroyed it. When we got back, Emilie, Oscar, Chloe and Avery went on a walk around the resort. Elle and Bennett joined them later. Then the cook team prepped dinner: mac and cheese with garlic bread. We ended the day with our glums and glows and another dance party in the kitchen while we cleaned.

Emilie and Oscar