Costa Rica: Sea Turtle + Marine Conservation

Sea turtles assemble!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

It's arrival day! All our Broadreach sea turtles have landed safely and soundly in Costa Rica!

We met Catalina & Olman, our Ecology Project International (EPI) instructors at the airport. They will be joining us for our first two weeks as we adventure and journey eastwards and back! They gave us our scientific notebooks for our research projects. We also learned the Spanish term for a flipper is “aleta”. We will be learning new Spanish words and terms everyday!

After settling into our new lovely home in the EPI campus located in Heredia we had so much fun drawing and learning about Costa Rica (see photo progression). Catalina and Olman supported and encouraged our drawing and mastering of Latin American geography. We experienced our first rain of Costa Rica’s rainy season. That did not stop us from playing some fun games! Catalina and Olman taught us the shooting name game which they are really skilled at playing.😆 We got carried away with silent charades and came up with interesting and creative scenarios to act out, like rowing and swimming in a lake, driving a bus, taking an elevator, bonfire, and playing silent games of volleyball and baseball…phew! We also aced “pass the clap” where we make eye contact with the person next to us and try to clap at the same time…we made it to three claps! We had a couple of surprise guests at dinner – a neighbor's cat and a local beetle stopped by to say hello.

Tomorrow is a big day! We’ll start learning about rainforest ecology. Stay tuned for more excitement and adventures!!!