Costa Rica: Sea Turtle + Marine Conservation

First Full Day!

Monday, June 20, 2022

We had an early morning start to our day and since the clouds and rain had let up we were able to see all of San Jose from our breakfast table. We played one of Mariana's favorite games: "Yeah, let's do that!" and got a little bonus workout before heading north to the Sarapiquí River. A little rough start on the winding roads up the mountain on the bus, but our stop for fresh strawberries, fresh air and a little stretch break set us up for success the rest of the way. We drove past coffee fields, farms, cloud rainforests and volcano Poas. Catalina showed us the ecosystems and presidents on each of the Costa Rican bills.

Quinn won our first ever round of the screaming toes game and he started us off on our day of zip lining! Philip followed, catching some solid speed, and then Erica, Belle, and Devon! Matilda and Mugdha hung back, explored flora and fauna and tried some local snacks. We spotted leaf cutter ants, massive bullet ants, a turkey vulture, caracara (the bird, not the orange!), toucans and after lunch saw an iguana. We also tried guanabana! The juice at lunch was made of guanabana but we didn't know what the fruit looked like so Catalina asked the kitchen if they had some to show us and they brought it out and we got to try a piece… varying opinions across the group re: this experience 😆. A visit by a torrential rainstorm made the river get muddier and muddier while we talked about what makes a great community and created our own by writing onto our Broadreach flag.

We moved into our new rain forest home: Tirimbina and got to meet our wonderful host: Edít. We took a walk down through the rainforest and stopped to observe a keel-billed toucan along the way to our classroom. Philip won our first ever round of Ninja Ninja! While we were playing a super fun Costa Rica trivia game Catalina and Olman created, which was both educational and entertaining we heard nearby howler monkeys (mono congo) getting ready for the night. We were again greeted by some surprise guests at and after dinner and have our first Leader of the day who will be taking over the trip update for tomorrow! Stay tuned!