Costa Rica: Sea Turtle + Marine Conservation

Busy day of adventure!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Today was jam-packed with adventure, we White water rafted, hiked through Tirimbina forest, and a night hike. Starting with white water rafting, we went down to the Sarapiquí river where we coasted through tier two and three rapids enjoying some pineapple and a swim in the river. After being drenched in the water we dried off before chowing down on lunch at Pozo Azul. After enjoying lunch and trying a fruit called 'cas' we drove down to a hiking trail through the Tirimbina rain forest. Learning about the flora and fauna, even being lucky enough to spot a few slots in the process. Afterwards, we headed back to the Tirimbina research station, to go to their outdoor classroom. Learning about Costa Rica's environment and geologic history. Before being caught in the rain we waited it out by playing boppity bop bop bop. After the rain calmed down we headed back to eat. Before assigned our next leader of the day and heading off on our night hike where we found some cool frogs and interesting bugs. –Philip