12 Day Scuba + Sailing Discoveries

Welcome to Flavor Town

Friday, July 1, 2022

Location: St. Barts
Something we learned today: how to steer a boat
Today in one word: charming

The group started off the day with a beautiful morning sunrise hike. Where we also got to speak with other broadreach boats about their experiences so far. We then returned to the boat and went for a dive going deeper than we ever have before. After everyone got something in their stomachs we went out to bird poo rock. We finished our final COW assessments and we finally took a sail out to St. Barths and we finished the day with a pasta dinner. Everyone in the group contributed very well today. The cooking crew did an amazing job coming up with new amazing flavors in the kitchen so everyone could push through the day with some energy. I think that at the end of the day the whole crew felt accomplished and that they learned something new despite the new challenges.

- Andrew