12 Day Scuba + Sailing Discoveries

Body Surfing Beach

Friday, June 17, 2022

Location: We arrived in St. Barts
Something we learned today: St. Barts is hot
Today in one word: long

This morning we were woken up at 4:00am to dinghy over to the beach where we started our hike. It was pitch black and everyone was tired but once we got to the top it was worth it was so worth it to watch the sky slowly get brighter. It wasn’t really the best sunrise ever but you can’t always expect great weather in the Caribbean.

Next was scuba diving. The weather started to get sunnier and warmer. This dive was our first open water dive so everyone was a bit nervous until we descended to the bottom. Once we completed the final underwater tests we were able to adventure around the reefs of Bird poop rock. In diving you can blow up your BCD, which can help you float in the water without sinking to the bottom or floating to the surface. Once I got the perfect buoyancy it felt like I was flying around the water.

After our dive we started our sail to Colombier. As we were going to the new island our boat had a photo shoot. We all sat on the bow on the edge (there is railing) and we rocked up and down with the big waves for 45 minutes. We then tied onto our new home for the night. Right when we got there we went on another hike to the body surf beach. We swam in the water, took photos, and played beach games with the other Broadreach boats. On the way back from the beach we saw tons of tortoises and goats along the way. A few of us swam to the dinghy and got soaking wet, but it was worth it to jump in the warm water. Now it was time for a boat shower. We jumped off the bow with our shampoo and did the same thing with conditioner. Boat showers are definitely a highlight of the day. Lastly, we had pesto pasta and ate a very yummy chocolate cake!

- Arden