12 Day Scuba + Sailing Discoveries

A Sail to Saba

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Location: Saba Something we learned: Sail terms The day in one word: Quick The day starts at 6:30AM when I woke up with Peyton. We got the boat ready to set sail at 8AM. After a little bit of sailing we ate egg baskets. After a quick nap Joey called us up to teach us parts of a sail. Later at around 12PM we arrived at Saba. After we arrived we rested and prepared for our dive. At 6PM my dive buddy and I were under water. Since it was an open water dive me and my buddy didn't need to practice the skills, so we looked at the cool wildlife. At 6:30 we surfaced and arrived at the boat, after then we ate dinner, told everyone our glums and glows and cleaned up. Now at 8:15PM we finished cleaning and got ready for a new day. - Finn P.S We'll have limited service these next few days so trip updates will unfortunately be sparse. <3 BR Support Staff