Curacao: Marine Biology Adventure

Meet the Instructors!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Maddie McCutcheon
Maddie is so excited for another summer at Broadreach as a marine biology instructor! Maddie was a student of marine sciences and biology as an undergraduate at the University of Alabama, and later completed her master’s degree in biology. She has done field work in Belize, Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama and other locations around the Gulf. She is especially passionate about conservation and policy and even founded the Conservation Biology Society at the University of Alabama. She now works for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as a Conservation Genetics Technician! Apart from marine biology, Maddie’s main passions are music and dancing. She is excited to use her knowledge to teach the next generation about marine conservation!

Kathryn (Katie) Burkart
Katie earned her undergraduate degree in environmental science with a minor in scientific diving from Humboldt State University and has been diving for over 10 years. As a professional diver, she’s worked in coral restoration organizations, universities, dive shops and resorts. Growing up, Katie moved all around the Middle East and Africa, which inspired her to seek out opportunities as an adult to experience different languages and cultures. Luckily, her chosen career of marine conservation has given her plenty of opportunities to travel the world! She interned in Madagascar and has taught diving and underwater survey protocols in Borneo, the Maldives and the Philippines. After her adventure with Broadreach this summer, Katie will be heading to New Zealand to start a master’s program in marine conservation! If you can find Katie on land, she can often be found geeking out about the ocean, doing yoga, reading Sci-Fi, riding her bike, singing loudly to an eclectic array of music, making a mess in the kitchen or spending time with her family. Katie can’t wait to see her students down in Curaçao very soon!

Makena (Nicole) Nesbitt
Makena can’t wait to meet you in Curaçao! Growing up between Kenya and England, she speaks English, Kiswahili and a little bit of German. Makena loves being outdoors and has led expeditions in England and Kenya. She also enjoys working with children and teens, and has experience working at a preparatory boarding school in England. In her free time, Makena enjoys rock climbing, cycling, kitesurfing and open water swimming. She also loves to dive. When she’s not working with Broadreach, she works as a dive instructor and will be heading to medschool in September.