Curacao: Marine Biology Adventure

Trumpetfish and a (maybe) Turtle

Monday, June 20, 2022

We woke up to the rooster’s crow on Day 3 as we began to settle into a routine at Carmabi: some of us at 6:45 to go for a morning run, some at 7:30 to begin breakfast preparations for the rest of the group, and some at 8:00 just in time to indulge in some cereal and a wonderful smoothie. This morning, we started on the classroom portion of the PADI open water course. We learned the benefits of SCUBA diving, the physics behind pressure changes in the ocean, and, maybe most importantly, the necessity of diving with a buddy. After the amazing cooking team of students made a lovely assortment of grilled cheese, chicken quesadillas, cut fruit, and more, we all settled down to take a break before most of our very first scuba dives! These breaks are essential to provide time for everyone to socialize, relax, read a book, or even take a quick nap if needed. After all, we needed a lot of energy for the first dives of the trip. Before going in the water, though, we had to learn about all our equipment, how to set it up, how to take it apart, and what each piece does. Then, finally, many of us could breathe underwater for the first time! We both learned and practiced communication and safety skills underwater. We eventually had to say goodbye to the sea for the day, and we cleaned up all gear. On shore, we all welcomed the newest member of our family as we introduced her to all our recent traditions. As we all settled down to eat a hardy catered dinner of pasta with sauce and salad, we reflected upon our day with a toast to every individual and group accomplishment along with sharing our glums and glows of the day. As the evening festivities came to a close, everyone went to their rooms with anticipation of the day to come!