Curacao: Marine Biology Adventure

Decorated Crab

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

To the joy of our whole crew here in curaçao todays breakfast did not officially start until 9. Some stuck to their workout regimes and got up earlier while others got their much needed rest. While today was a bit of a slow start, after a delectable breakfast we got right into the PADI curriculum like the padi baddies we are. While learning about the inner workings and importance of equipment we all stayed hydrated thanks to PADISs incredible advertisement techniques. Since we are all curious souls the lesson lasted a little longer than planned so some other things had to be moved. We were lucky enough to have some fabulous chefs for lunch who revamped the leftovers and made them even better than the original dishes. And a fun surprise was waiting for us after our lunch - a look at some of the species in this beautiful corner of curaçao. We learned about the importance of sound for marine organisms and got to draw some of the creatures the research team collected. After that we dove right into the water and got to work finishing the first couple lessons. We ended the dive swimming away from the sunset and the added weight of basic scuba knowledge under our belts. The day ended with the glows and glums of the day and a scrumptious catered meal.

Gabby (leader of the day)

Note from instructors:
The Trumpetfish update was written by Nate our first leader of the day and the Scorpion Fish update was written by Aurora our second leader of the day