Fiji: Shark Studies

Final Dives and Fun Activities

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Welcome back campers to a new day!

6:45am - wakey-wakey in the huge bedroom. Breakfast crew cheffed up some delicacies of scrambled eggs, cereal and frozen hash browns. It was definitely an interesting meal but you made due.

7:45am - Slow and steady we head to the dive shop excited to see the BAD team on our last ride. Our faces turned to smiles as we hopped on the boat and began jamming out to some music.

9:30am - We plunge into the waters for the last two dives. You stare in awe at the incredible creatures that surround you. Your head follows every movement trying to capture every moment. At the surface interval the BAD team breaks out their dance moves as hot tea and cookies are passed around. We jump back in the waters for the last dive and attempt to remember as many of the sharks names as possible. After a sentimental dive, you wave goodbye to the sharkies you have gotten to know well over the last three weeks.

2:00pm - We have a quick lunch as a bus is waiting to take use to the Fiji versus Tonga rugby match in Suva. The match is a blast with everyone getting up and cheering on Fiji with the rest of the stadium. While most of us were lost at the beginning we started to understand the game which made the experience even more enjoyable. Fiji won 36-0 which lifted everyone's mood after the bittersweet goodbye to the sharks.

6:00pm - You get back to the house tired and happy, surrounded by people you now know a little too well and sit down for a pizza dinner. Pizza, laughs and smiles are passed around the dinner floor.

thanks campers
-Drew and Josephine