Fiji: Shark Studies

'Twas the Night before Arrival

Monday, June 13, 2022

Tomorrow's the big day! We are so excited to see all of your smiling faces tomorrow! Since we've arrived in Fiji a few days ago, we've been pretty busy preparing, exploring, and of course diving! Our goal is to give you the best summer ever and we cannot wait for you to see what Fiji has to offer.

While we've been in Fiji, we have settled into the villa we will be calling home for the next few weeks. We've had some time to buy the yummy foods we will have on program. Especially, the fancy lettuce store where they have 4 different types of lettuce and other fresh produce grown on the island. We also learnt that it's crucial to have the slats closed on your windows as you never know when it's going to rain here! Hopefully, you all enjoy the house as much as we do!

When we aren't preparing, we've been exploring the Arts Village just down the road. We've had some delicious meals including an all you can eat buffet and a cafe serving samosas and some of the best chai lattes we've ever had.

Obviously, we cannot forget about the diving! As soon as we could, we hopped onto the shark dive and OH MY GOSH WOW! You will never see anything like this anywhere else! Massive aggregations of bull sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks, and various reef sharks. The dive guides are so friendly and looking forward to meeting you all.

Tomorrow might be a busy day filled with lots of information, but don't worry- it is only the start to an amazing adventure!

-MG and Saskia