Fiji: Shark Studies

Bula Bula to Fiji!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The big day has finally arrived! We rushed over to the airport to welcome our amazing group into Fiji a little early this morning!

After a quick get to know you game, we hopped into the bus to transfer over to our villa for program. The ride over was beautiful with waves and ocean on our right, and beautiful mountains and greenery over on our left.

After arriving home, we quickly unpacked and went on a short walk to the dive shop, Beqa Adventure Divers, where Saskia led us through a gear refresher and we got to meet some of the staff at the dive shop we will be with throughout the trip. Once we came back we did our swim tests and floats in our very shallow and refreshing pool!

It was a lot of fun building forts and massive towers with the beds and seeing everyone jump up to the top. We got some delicious pizza for dinner and played some Mafia!

After all this fun, we did a little get to know you game with Skittles where we learned things like Josephine is learning to fly planes, Cade has a snake named Sage, Hannah is memorizing all the countries in the world, Isabel is a coder, Ada loves to draw and paint, Aidan's favorite marine animal is a mako shark, Carter loves sea cucumbers, Logan is a swimmer, Devin loves coral, Sophia does pom, Charlie is into woodworking, and Drew loves cookie dough!

Tonight we are getting an early night as we had a long day, but we are so excited to start our program tomorrow with Fijian culture and learning about the shark marine reserve in the morning, and some soft coral diving in the afternoon!

Ni Sa Moce (Nee-Sah-Mothey) or Good night!

Saskia and MG