Fiji: Shark Studies

Finding Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Today was all about making the best of less than ideal situations. Although Fiji is entering her dry season, she decided to gift us with a day full of non-stop rain! But we didn't let that get us down.

This morning started with a great breakfast made by Charlie- he makes some mean scrambled eggs. Afterwards, the students sat down to write on note cards some goals for the trip moving forward. These goals were then "stolen" and the team had to work together to get them back! We continued talking about goals, what makes a good community, and how we can all contribute to making our group the best it can be. Students took turns writing their hopes for the trip on our Broadreach flag, which now hangs proudly in our living room. One of our favorite words was "growth," written by Carter, who hopes we can all grow as divers, students, and human beings. We also loved Ada's word, "fun," and "respect," which are both super important to having a good trip!

Next in the schedule was our first lesson of the trip: "Fiji and the Shark Reef Marine Reserve." Students learned all about Fijian history and culture, Marine Protected Areas, and the specific marine reserve we will be diving in for the duration of our trip! Drew gave us a spot-on explanation of eutrophication as a marine threat, and Hannah told the group about how important it is to protect spawning grounds in marine reserves. We have a really smart group!

Unfortunately, our afternoon dives were cancelled due to the weather, but we didn't skip a beat on finding new ways to have fun. We played a fun game called pulse, which requires quick action, and Sophia's speedy reflexes helped her team win! We also played a game called mafia, where Isabel and Cade were able to successfully fool us (one of the goals of the game). Eventually we embraced the rain and jumping into the pool, then later playing tag in the rain in our backyard. Logan and Devin said it was the best part of their day. Josephine kept the good vibes going with her great DJing skills, and Aidan also shared some of his favorite music.

We ended the day with a great pasta dinner cooked by our students and watching a shark movie (of course).

-MG and Saskia