Fiji: Shark Studies

First Dives in Fiji Did not Disappoint!

Friday, June 17, 2022

Today we went on our first dives after they were postponed from yesterday due to the weather. We woke up early this morning with the jet lag starting to wear off and promptly ate breakfast and walked to the dive shop. Our first dive was early in the morning and a refresher dive. Before that however, we had a wild boat ride to the dive site where everyone was singing and having fun. We spent most of the refresher dive becoming comfortable in the new waters and wetsuits.

However our second dive was the highlight of the day. The reef was massive and teeming with life. We saw a bull shark, many different species of coral and a massive sea cucumber. It was a shorter dive because we went down to 60 feet however that did not make the dive any less enjoyable. Everyone had fun on the dives and is excited for more dives tomorrow.

After lunch we had our second lesson of the course. In this course we learned about sharks and the factors that determine where they live. This lecture was long so we ended the day by eating ramen noodles. Overall, today was amazing with our first dives in Fiji and an amazing course, we can not wait for tomorrow.