Fiji: Shark Studies

The First Ever Shark DIve That We Had and Our First Trip Into Town

Saturday, June 18, 2022

At 8:30 today our Fiji group went on our first shark dive on the trip. Everyone went down to 30 meters into what our dive masters call the arena, where we met tons of bull sharks and some lemon sharks in the water. The sharks would sometimes come up close and your're probably thinking how close, im talking about 2-3 feet away from us. Then we would ascend 20 meters up to 10 meters deep where we saw Black tip and White tip sharks and more lemon shark sharks came up and all the bull sharks stayed down at 30 meters.

After we ascended up to the surface and got up on the boat everyone was so shocked and happy that they got to see these beautiful species. After our first dive we had to wait 1 hour until our next shark dive. The second dive we went down to 25 meters where we saw only bull sharks and 2-5 lemon sharks and like the first dive they came up to us and were 2-3 feet away from us where the dive masters pushed the back with a metal rod.

After we ascended, we learned about sharks and their taxonomy. After our fun lesson, everyone went into town and everyone was really excited about getting foods in the little shopping center. And now as I am writing this everyone is waiting to watch a movie. Our group is a family that we have created in 6 days and everyone is so happy and having so fun over here in Fiji.