Fiji: Shark Studies

It's Father's Day in Fiji

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father's Day! Thank you to all the dads :). We started out our morning with a breakfast of quesadillas, breakfast of champions. We headed out to the dive shop at 8 for a deep dive and a fish identification dive, both of which we saw sharks! Many of us took some dramamine this morning and there was no sea sickness this morning! On our first dive we went down to find a white tip relaxing on the sand below us. And at around 90 feet we watched what happened to an egg when it was cracked open under all that pressure, super cool. Our second dive was the same place as our shark dive, we saw some juvenile black tips cruising along the reef accompanied by their buddies the remoras. The second dive we worked on taking our time underwater and IDing fish. Some of us had slates to write descriptions or draw the fish we saw while others had fish ID slates for the waters of Fiji.

The rain followed us back to the dive shop and is still persisting. One of the dive shop employees makes us lunch on days when we dive, today she made us rice with a chicken, pepper, onion, noodle stir fry. (It was really good). This afternoon MG gave us our fourth lesson on Shark biology. We learned about the 6 senses of the shark, their internal and external anatomy, and how the reproduce. Did you know that female hammerhead sharks can reproduce without the help of a male hammerhead? Cool stuff. All and all it was a good day.