Fiji: Shark Studies

Welcome Campers

Monday, June 20, 2022

Welcome to your educational shark diving camp!

6:30am: You slowly open your eyes to cozy room with 12 bundled up campers, Hannah has already started her day studying to the sunrise, it's day 5 and you know there's a shark dive awaiting so you jump out of bed with excitement.

7:15am: The wonderful "team 2" has prepared a gourmet breakfast of scrambled and sausages, made with love by Charlie, Devin, Ada and Sophia. Aidan expresses his excitement to call his parents and girlfriend leaving a smile on all the campers faces. Hannah sits in the hallway with a contagious smile calling home and the group prepares to start the day ahead.

8:00am: You hop on the 'predator' and the boat motors away down the river. Saskia and Hannah talk all about life while the wind blows in their faces. The team laughs and chat cheerfully with anticipation as they wait to get into the shark infested waters below.
You watch in awe as bull sharks, black tips and lemon sharks galore surround you! The brave Fijian dive masters feed the sharks above our heads and as you look up you can see their teethy smiles above. Ada wants to hug the sharks but sadly that is not allowed. After incredible dives the team is pooped.

12:00pm: The dive boat sets off on its way back, Carter in awe of the sharks while Aiden and Logan recount how they were almost slapped in the face by a Bull sharks tail. Devin struggles to get his wet suit off so you and the group all help out.

2:45pm: It's lesson time!!! Today our brains were filled with details on shark behavior and their ecological importance. You sit attentively while MG explains in detail sharks hunting tactics while Drew spits facts, Devin makes you chuckle. I think Saskia is taking notes in the back.
As a finale, we all have to act out these hunting tactics. Cade discovers a new found talent for acting.

6:00pm: It's time for dinner and team "fluffy unicorns" (Drew, Isabel, Aidan and Josephine) are on the job. you watch as Isabel teaches Drew some cooking techniques while Charlie blasts some country music. Sophia is working hard on her journal outside.
Dinner is ready and you sit down for a makeshift mexican meal with the whole family.

See you tomorrow camper!