Fiji: Shark Studies

Sharks, Sharks, and more Sharks

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Today we woke up at 6:45 to an amazing breakfast of banana bread made by two fellow campers the night before (it was delicious). After that we got ready for the day and headed over to the dive shop. We quickly got into our wetsuits and jumped on the boat. We had a pleasant boat ride over to the dive spot while listening to music with the dive instructors from the dive shop. Then we suited up in our dive gear and "giant strided" into our 3rd shark dive! During the dive a couple sharks got really close to some of us and it was such a cool experience. After the first dive we came up to cookies and tea, and jammed out to music while taking a break before our second dive of the day. We saw a bunch of fish including bull, nurse, white tip, and black tip sharks. We also saw a huge moray eel and a sea snake!

After our dives, we headed home and enjoyed amazing food made by one of the team members at the dive shop and cleaned off in the "warm" showers. We then took a small break before learning about Shark Research in our 6th lesson. After the lesson we all bonded by playing some games as a group. We ended off the day with a super good dinner and our glums and glows for the day. in the end, we had a great day filled with excitement, fun, and a lot of laughs.