Fiji: Shark Studies

New Friends and (Roughly) Eleven Palm Trees

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Today we mixed it up a little and instead of shark diving, we took a trip to a local school. We painted the exterior walls of the school, and played a lot of games with the students. Hide and seek, soccer, and bull rush were a few of the games that we played. Bull rush is just Fijian sharks and minnows. One of the students was particularly interested in megalodons. The kids were all excited to hopefully see us all again before we leave.

After we finished painting, we took a trip to the beach for a few hours. We soaked up the sun, swam and the ocean, and played on the beach. Isabel, Sophia, Cade, Logan, Carter, and I dug a hole to bury Devin up to his mouth. Ada and Hannah spent time reading on the beach together. Jo and Aidan swam in the ocean. Later, we played some beach games. We had a beautiful view of the lush green island of Beqa in the distance, roughly a forty five minute boat ride away. We were shaded from the sun by roughly eleven or so palm trees.

After the beach, we had a nice dinner followed by chocolate cake with icing and oreos. Six and a half minutes later, we had a midterm review consisting of intense competition between two teams playing Grab The Orange. After the review, we settled down for bed with some light reading about the intense trials of the underground railroad and cancer.

Until tomorrow.......