Fiji: Shark Studies

Coconuts and Carcharhinus leucas

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today we ventured back into the ocean for yet another shark dive. We were lucky enough to see a local marine biologist who was applying the shark research skills we learned yesterday by tagging sharks and measuring them. We had several close encounters with the sharks on both of the dives and celebrated our luck during the surface interval by drinking tea, eating cookies, and listening to reggae.

After the dives, we headed home and enjoyed a delicious lunch while cramming for our midterm. Our midterm went better than expected with everyone surviving. Our totally real instructors had a surprise for those of us who made it through 29 grueling questions. WE WENT OUT TO DINNER!!!

We surprisingly all cleaned up pretty nicely and headed over to dinner at a nearby resort. We were treated to an unlimited buffet of Fijian food and gulped down several virgin pina coladas. The highlight of dinner was the dancers which included some of the boys dancing quite *exceptionally*. After that lovely performance, all the girls did their best shakira impression and danced in front of the diners. *You know my hips don't lie* The professionals wrapped up the show with a fire dance that was both mesmerizing and terrifying. After coming home, we got ready for bed while enjoying everyone's company and fearing the days to come.

We hope to see you again...