Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

There's a stingray under the boat!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Location: Grand Case
Something we learned today: you can breathe underwater
The day in one word: scrumptious

Our day began with a group swim to the beach at first light in Anse Marcel. On the beach, we played some beach games and learned about what life on a boat would be like on our trip. Following the beach, we enjoyed our first group breakfast before pulling the anchor for the sail to Grand Case. On the way, we learned more about the yacht and anchoring procedures. Upon our arrival in Grand Case, everyone took part in dive classes and dives, either at nearby Creole Rock or in a confined underwater area to learn fundamentals. When not diving, everyone enjoyed snorkeling off the boat, seeing stingrays and barracudas. In the afternoon, two crew mates took on the role of boat chefs and made a delicious dinner of Hawaiian stir fry while we enjoyed a beautiful sunset facing back towards Anguilla. With a great first day on the books, we look forward to continuing learning and making new friends as well sail throughout the leeward islands.