Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

A Whole New Underwater World

Friday, July 22, 2022

Location: Grand Case
Something we learned today: we did our first dive
Today in one word: challenging and fun

Today we woke up at 6:30am and ate breakfast. Some time later the group 1 of the COW divers and the second group went for their dive. Some time later we ate lunch and the group #1 went for their open water 1 dive. They went to Creole Rock. While the team 1 dived the team 2 went to watersports like kneeboarding, wakeboarding and waterskiing. When the team 1 came back the team 2 went diving to Creole Rock. The team 1 went to watersports when we finished we ate dinner and we later took a biology lesson with Bianca. After this we reviewed the second chapter of the open water diver book. After this we did our quiz on section 2 of the book. We later cleaned the boat. This was overall a great day.

- Guillermo