Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

A whole new upside down world

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Location: Saint-Martin to Ile Fourche
Something I learned today: to be upside down
The day in one word: Super fun

We woke uo at 6 and ate breakfast, then we went sailing to Ile Saint-Barths, ile Fourche. Then we went for a fun dive in Saint-Barths and I learned how to be upside down on the dive. During the dive, we saw a school of squid and it was super fun. Also it was super fun because I chose the groups. Now, we are waiting for dinner to be ready.

We had dinner, some of us had pasta, others had ramen noodles. I forgot we also had a biology class today, but now we are stargazing.

Today was fun.

Andres C