Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

Hike your heart out

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Location: Colombier, Saint-Barths
What I learned today: tortoises eat shoes
Describe the day in one word: Energetic

We started the day at 4:44 with "Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crew. After that, we boarded a dinghy and then jumped into the surprisingly warm water and waded to Ile Fourche. We proceeded to hike up the craggy landscape and saw the sunrise behind the clouds with a baby bird. After that, the first group of divers went off and we pumped tanks. Then the second group of us went. The location of the dive was bird poop rock. On the dive, we saw some great giant barracudas and a lot of reef fish (I think they are actually called damsel fish). We then did another hike after lunch to a beach and a chicken war ensued. We later fed some tortoises on the way back. Even though it has not happened yet, I predict (after I learned from past experiences) that the garlic wars will endure. I will leave that to your interpretation.

Oscar Brink-Hof