Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology


Monday, July 25, 2022

Location: Colombier
Something I learned today: how to deal with non-equalizing ears
describe the day in one word: eventful

Today was very eventful. We came from Columbier to Gustavia to Columbier again, with lots of things in-between. We started the day with some chilly morning dives, seeing many diverse fish. Then, we set sail for Gustavia. We arrived an hour later and got to work connecting to the wifi early. After calling parents and others arriving, we went into the town. We first went to a very nice creperie and got some lunch before heading off. We went to some gift shops, buying things here and there. We headed to the grocery store and got some provisions as well as snacks for the 5 days ahead. We headed back to our boat, heads high and full of sugar. We then set sail back to Colombier. The sail back was nice and smooth and we got back very quick. After mooring, we took the dinghy to the beach for a picnic. We had pasta and pesto sauce in the sand. When the sun set, me and my cremates hiked and bouldered to a peak where we watched the sun set, and it was beautiful. An action-packed day!

Signing off,
Jack and Izzy