Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

Diving into the Night

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Location: Saba
Something we learned today: night diving
The day in one word: active

Today we could wake up at the time we desire to wake up as it was a sail day. Alston and Bianca woke up early to set sail towards Saba. After 6 hours of sleeping, playing games, and learning we got to Saba. Fun fact, Alston said we reached 7 knots sailing! So after we got to Saba we had a short-and-easy marine bio lesson on corals which was pretty fun. At noon, we prepared the diving gear we ate some of yesterday's pasta made by me and Katarina and some people ate ramen. After eating, group 1 (lily, silver, sam, oscar, izzy, and katarina) went on their first dive in Saba. Next group 2 (Juan, andres, stanley, john, and oliver) went on their dive. Today, Guillermo made burrito bowls for all of the divers. After that we went on our first night dives and we talked and slept.
P.S. we cooked a cake with Grace (watersports instructor) and it was awesome!