Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

Taking Care of Saba

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Location: Saba
something we learned today: Deep diving
one word to describe the day: exploring

Today was a very eventful day. The morning wake up in Saba, we had delectable french toast. Around 8:45am we drove into town through the hills, where we cleaned trails for community service. Everyone picked up a shovel or rake and cleared many rocks, leaves, vines, and dirt. After, we went into town and ate lunch at Busy Bee’s and went to some shops. In town we went to a glass bead studio and made beautiful glass beads. In the afternoon we spent some time on the boat and then went on a sunset dive. We had a scrumptious dinner and had a relaxing night. Overall, it was a great and fun day. Everyone had a day full of adventure and did a great act of kindness to Saba.

- Katarina & Sylvie