Caribbean: Intro to Marine Biology

Orcas, Night diving, and sailing!

Friday, July 29, 2022

Location: Tintamarre
Something I learned today: How to sail a bit more!
The day in one word: Chill

Today we woke up late because we sailed in the morning and the sail was very long. It was around a 7 hour sail. On our sail we had the most special encounter with Orcas! It was so amazing! We saw a Mom and it's Baby. A while later we arrived in Tintamarre and mourned right near the beach. As soon as we were settled we all jumped into the water and swam to the beach. We talked and played Oklohoma drill. Then we headed back to the boat to learn more about sailing with Alston. After that we quickly set up our gear for a dive of the shipwreck. We did some jumps off the boat and spoke to some of the kids on the other Broadreach boats. We had a delicious dinner of enchiladas and quickly got ready to go on a night dive. We saw lots of cool things and a bunch of flying fish! We came back to the boat and had a late night shower party where we all styled our hair into different funny shapes. Now its late and we are all headed to bed. Overall it was a great day!